Amesbury Skiff

Over the past eighty years, the Lowell Amesbury Skiff has earned a reputation for being an exceptionally stable, seaworthy, and rugged boat. An adaptation of the Surf Dory, it was initially developed for inboard power and is now modified to take advantage of contemporary outboard engines. The hull is flat-bottomed with flared, rounded, lapstrake sides, making these boats surprisingly dry and easy to maneuver. Since power requirements are lower than most boats of equivalent size and capacity, fuel requirements are also low – an important consideration in today’s world. Commercially, Amesbury Skiffs have been used primarily for livery, fishing, and rescue work. The Amesbury Skiff is an ideal and extremely versatile family boat. Stern side seats and two thwart-ship seats are standard; steering and control consoles and lockers are optional.

Amesbury Skiff Specifications
Beam Depth
@ Mid-ships
12′ 62″ 18.5″ 200 lb.
14′ 64″ 19″ 245 lb.
16′ 77″ 21″ 300 lb.

“The various successful adaptations of the classic Amesbury Skiff built by the Lowell Boat Shop is testimony to the versatility of the design…” John Gardner (Classic Small Craft You Can Build, Mystic Seaport Museum, 1993)

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Date : 17 Feb 2016