Atlantic Skiff

The Lowell Atlantic is a light variation of our Salisbury Point Rowing Skiff that was originally introduced for recreational use in the 1860s. The Atlantic is designed for use on the open ocean by the experienced sculler or by the beginning recreational rower who wants a fast, safe family boat. Traditional lines, exhilarating speed, and excellent sea-keeping abilities make this beautiful boat a joy to row. At 150 pounds, the Lowell Atlantic can be easily launched and recovered single-handedly. The Lowell Atlantic can be rowed by one or two people from standard stationary seats using standard oars; or, it can be fitted with a removable sliding seat for solo use.

Atlantic Skiff Specifications
Beam Depth
@ Mid-ships
15′ 44″ 13″ 150 lb.
17′ 46″ 14″ 190 lb.

“The various successful adaptations of the classic… skiff built by the Lowell Boat Shop is testimony to the versatility of the design.” John Gardner (Classic Small Craft You Can Build, Mystic Seaport Museum, 1993)

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Date : 17 Feb 2016