Banks Dory

The straight and high-sided Lowell Banks Dory was developed in the early nineteenth century to meet the needs of the Banks fishermen. This sturdy, seaworthy and economical boat was ideal for hand lining from a parent ship and could be stacked in transport utilizing a minimal amount of space on deck. In addition, Banks Dories have an exceptional ability to carry heavy loads and actually gain stability as they are laden. Their success was quickly recognized, and Lowell’s has built and shipped nearly a hundred thousand to fishermen and lifeguard stations in all parts of the world. The Banks Dory is an excellent rowing boat and continues to be the choice of rowing clubs and lifeguard associations across the country. In the spring of 2006, the Long Beach Lifeguard Association of Long Beach, California commissioned Lowell’s Boat Shop to build a Banks Dory to commemorate their centennial and be “worthy of the rich rowing tradition in Long Beach Lifeguarding.” The east to west business between the Boat Shop and Long Beach has been ongoing for over seventy-five years, and, remarkably, dories purchased in the 1930’s remain in service today.

Banks Dory Specifications
Beam Depth
@ Mid-ships
16′ 62″ 18″ 280 lb.
18′ 66″ 19″ 340 lb.
20′ 70″ 20″ 400 lb.

“The various successful adaptations of the classic… skiff built by the Lowell Boat Shop is testimony to the versatility of the design.” John Gardner (Classic Small Craft You Can Build, Mystic Seaport Museum, 1993)

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Date : 17 Feb 2016