Lowell Sailboat

The Lowell Sailboat is the only model from Lowell’s Boat Shop that is designed with sailing performance as the primary consideration. With its outstanding performance by oar, sail or power, this boat is the most versatile, all round recreational design known to us at Lowell’s Boat Shop. It has a lapstrake dory-type hull of traditional design that has been modified to provide fast, able performance with safe sturdy construction. Oars are all that are needed to navigate when there is no wind; however, the broad transom easily accommodates a small outboard engine. Sprit rig, Lug,  and Marconi are standard options while a variety of sailing rigs are available depending of the boat size and the buyer’s preference.  While the sizes listed below are standard, we are able to build the Lowell Sailboat in any size ranging from 12′-20′.

Lowell Sailboat Specifications
Beam Depth
@ Mid-ships
12′ 60″ 17″ 155 lb.
14′ 63.5″ 18″ 200 lb.

“The various successful adaptations of the classic…skiff built by the Lowell Boat Shop is testimony to the versatility of the design…” John Gardner (Classic Small Craft You Can Build, Mystic Seaport Museum, 1993)

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Date : 17 Feb 2016