Lowell Tender

The Lowell Tender is a delight to the discerning yachtsman who imagined that such craft only exist in nautical museums – to be seen but not owned. Four lapped planks per side on three sets of white oak frames give it a deep, graceful hull that is excellent for rowing heavily laden as well as for towing. In addition, it is stable, dry, and seaworthy – a capable and elegant little workhorse. In recent years, Lowell Tenders have been markedly improved. The hulls have been deepened to allow even the 9’ model to carry four adults and row exceptionally well. The bottom and garboards can be sealed with epoxy, dramatically reducing maintenance and allowing “dry sailing” from a float, ship’s deck or trailer. Still, these boats are essentially as Lowell boats have always been: graceful, seaworthy, rugged dory-built boats.

Lowell Tender Specifications
Beam Depth
@ Mid-ships
9′ 50″ 14.5″ 118 lb.
10′ 51″ 15″ 130 lb.
12′ 52″ 15.5″ 170 lb.

“The various successful adaptations of the classic…skiff built by the Lowell Boat Shop is testimony to the versatility of the design…” John Gardner (Classic Small Craft You Can Build, Mystic Seaport Museum, 1993)

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Date : 17 Feb 2016