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Lowell’s Boat Shop

12th Annual Holiday Open House Art Exhibit 2017

Wood and Water: A Mixed Media Exhibition and Sale

Artist Invitational Call for Entries

Show: Lowell’s Boat Shop 12th Annual Wood and Water Holiday Open House

Invitational Art Exhibit

Location: Lowell’s Boat Shop, 459 Main Street, Amesbury, MA 01913

Reception and Art Preview Party: Friday, December 1st, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

Because of the strict capacity restrictions, the Preview Party is open to members, artists and one guest per artist. As the date of the Preview Party approaches, an “Evite” will be sent to all exhibiting artists, and we would very much appreciate your response. Of course, artists’ clients are entirely welcome to see the exhibit during the more fluid hours of the Holiday Open House on Saturday and Sunday. In fact, artists may also choose to attend a “Meet the Artists” hour offered on both of these Holiday Open House days, from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m.

Holiday Open House: Saturday, December 2nd and Sunday, December 3rd, 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., both days

Eligible Artists: This is an invitational show open to all the wonderful artists who have participated in previous LBS Wood and Water Art exhibits. Additional artists interested in participating in this show must email LBS at with information about their artwork type and subjects.

Artwork: Original artwork should feature Lowell’s Boat Shop building and boats, or depict the local river and marshes; a nautical still life or seascape would also be appropriate.

Number of Pieces: Similar to last year, we are strictly limiting the number of pieces each artist may hang to six canvases. In addition, you may bring up to six bin pieces if you choose. Unfortunately, we simply do not have room for hanging more than six pieces from each artist, and canvas size for work to be hung should not exceed 16 by 20 inches. However, you may alternatively submit up to two larger pieces, as well as six bin pieces.

With more artists expressing interest each year, we want to assure all participants an equal opportunity to display their work; we also want to be sure that each work benefits from being hung in an accessible, favorable spot.

Bin Work: An “Artist’s Gallery Bin List” is required for all bin work upon submission.

Replacement Works: Depending on the size of the piece, a buyer may take the work at the time of the sale. If the artist should become aware of the sale and choose to bring a similarly sized or smaller replacement, that would be fine, but the artist must first register the newly submitted “replacement” work and obtain an SKU Number from the Art Exhibit Staff, prior to hanging the work. This process enables the artist to receive proper payment if the replacement work is also sold.

Notecards: For artists with notecards to sell, this year we are requiring that all notecards be packaged in bundles of at least 4 cards. Single (individually wrapped) notecards will not be permitted. Notecards must be placed in bins or small baskets; fire regulations positively prohibit the use of freestanding notecard holders or separate display devices, such as revolving or upright metal units.

Whether bin work, a replacement work or notecard bundles, any unregistered art that is sold cannot be credited to the artists and will have to be considered a full monetary donation to LBS.  


IMPORTANT INFORMATION: All artists wishing to take part in this exhibit must notify the Boat Shop by email on or before Monday, November 20th, at Indicate the artist’s first and last names, full mailing address (for mailing art sale share), telephone number and email address.
At this time, artists should also indicate the title, medium and price for each piece. Again, there is a limit of six pieces (up to 16 by 20 inches in canvas size) or two larger pieces, as well as up to six bin items. This information will be processed at LBS and used to create wall labels and a list of artwork on display; it will also be used to facilitate and track sales. Since this process takes considerable time, no late entries will be accepted.

Artists are also responsible for personally labeling all of their artwork on the back of each piece (artist’s name, title, medium and price). In addition, if you would like to bring a single, formal business card with your contact information, we will place it in a card booklet and share that information with prospective buyers upon request.

Registration Fee:  Since LBS must cover administrative costs for this exhibit, there is a $25 registration fee per participating artist. This fee should be paid upon delivery of the artwork. Payment should be in the form of a check, made out to Lowell’s Boat Shop, or the exact $25 in cash.

Optional Food Donation: To further defray the considerable costs of the Preview Party and art exhibit, artists are also requested, though not required, to bring reception food items (such as: appetizers, cheese and cracker plates, and fruits or desserts) for the Friday Art Preview Party. This is a simple way of thanking LBS, a nonprofit working museum, for providing access to its inspirational, picturesque venue and for hosting this well attended art exhibit. Several artists have mentioned that they like to bring their specialty to the preview party each year so they can further welcome their own guests, as well as all our attendees. You may bring this food item either at the time you bring your art to LBS or to the Art Preview Party itself—if you plan to arrive no later than 6:30 that evening.

Receiving and Installation: Participating artists must deliver their artwork on Thursday, November 30th, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., for installation by our Art Exhibit Installation Committee. Artwork will be installed as it is delivered.

Artists with art-hanging panels and bins are encouraged to bring them, but please let us know beforehand (via e-mail at if you are able to do so. Thank you for sharing with your fellow artists!

Take Down: Artists are responsible for removal of their displayed artwork, art hanging panels and bins on Monday, December 4th, 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. Alternatively, you may choose to take your pieces at the close of the Holiday Open House, on Sunday, at 4:00 p.m.

Special Note: This is the major fundraising event of the year for Lowell’s Boat Shop so bring artwork appropriate to the venue and season. Small pieces sell especially well and make great holiday gifts. Also, keep in mind the economic climate relative to pricing. We strongly encourage artists to attend the Preview Party on Friday, as well as the Holiday Open House (especially the “Meet the Artists” hour) on Saturday and Sunday, to help sell their art. Artists are the best ambassadors of their artwork! Our visitors value the chance to meet the artists and to inquire about the artists’ working methods, other artwork, upcoming shows and/or galleries.

Sales: Lowell’s Boat Shop will handle all sales. Artists will receive 70% of the pre-tax sale price. Artists’ commission checks will be mailed by LBS to artists within four weeks of the show. In order for the artist to receive a check, LBS must have all his or her pertinent contact information (full mailing address, telephone number and email address) on file.

Promotion: Lowell’s Boat Shop will promote this show in regional press and media.

We deeply appreciate your participation in Wood and Water and look forward to another highly successful exhibit.


Pam Bates and Lyn LeGendre

LBS Art Exhibit Coordinators