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Members and friends are invited to join us at the Boat Shop for Music, Burgers, Libations, and to view the Mighty Merrimack Rowing Race on Sunday Oct 22 from 12-3 pm.  If you’d like to contribute food or volunteer at the event please let us know by calling or emailing the shop (978) 834-0050 or info@lowellsboatshop.com.

Mighty Merrimack Rowing Race

October 22, 2017

Boat Classes: Rowing and paddling boats of all kinds, including dories, skiffs, wherries, peapods, canoes, kayaks, and other similar boat types. The following race classes are planned, subject to registration numbers and types of boats.

Class A Traditional dories (e.g. Amesbury dories, Swampscott dories, etc.), singles

Class B Traditional dories, doubles

Class C Other fixed seat rowing boats, singles

Class D Other fixed seat rowing boats, doubles

Class E Canoes

Class F Kayaks

Class G Sliding seat boats, singles

Class H Sliding seat boats, doubles

Class O “Other” (Paddleboards, etc.)

Class M Multi-oared (3 or greater) craft; gigs, etc.

 Requested Donation: Each participant is asked to make a donation to Lowell’s Boat Shop to defray expenses. Participants who register in advance and donate $25 will receive an MMRR commemorative t-shirt. On race day, shirts will be given to registrants who donate $30 or more. Cost is per person.

 Launching/Parking: Launch at the Amesbury Town Landing. Parking at the landing or across the street at the Amesbury Water Treatment Facility.

 Race Courses: All Classes excepting Class M – Twice around an oval course starting and finishing at LBS. Start in front of Lowell’s Boat Shop; downriver to round Bailey’s Island; across the river to green race mark; upriver to red nun R32; round the upriver mark; downriver again to the Start/Finish line at LBS. Repeat and finish at LBS. All marks to be left to starboard.

 Class M (Gigs) – From start at LBS, upriver, staying in the channel to the Red nun 38, going around the Race Marker, leaving it to PORT, heading downriver and leaving red nun 32 to STARBOARD and finishing at the same line as the other boats. This is approximately a 3.5nm course.

 Schedule on Race Day (October 22, 2017)

11:00-1200  Registration at Amesbury town landing

12:00 Pre-race Meeting at Lowell’s Boat Shop waterfront

12:30 Start of race at Lowell’s Boat shop

1:00-1:30 Finish at Lowell’s Boat Shop

12:00-3:00 Fall Haul Celebration at Lowell’s – food, refreshments, music, and awards

 Race Rules: 1. Safety first. In case of danger, participants will take whatever action necessary to avoid accidents.

  1. All boats must carry Coast Guard approved PDF’s, bailers, and whistles (or other sound device).

  2. A boat being overtaken makes way for the overtaking boat. Otherwise, customary rules apply.

  3. Any participant dropping out of the race must notify a race official.

  4. Competitors must have numbers on port bow or on their backs where visible to officials.

  5. Any boat missing a mark or rounding it in the wrong direction will be disqualified.

  6. Racers participate AT THEIR OWN RISK.

 Chase Boats: The race will be monitored by chase boats and race captain monitoring channel 17.

Finish: As each boat finishes, a whistle or airhorn will sound on the dock of Lowell’s Boat Shop.

Results: Results posted after finish of the race. Challenges will be resolved by the Race Captain.

Prizes: Prizes will be awarded to the winners of each class.

Officials: Race Captain: Michael DeKoster


Open Waterfront and Member Rowing

Saturdays, 11am-2pm

Shop Exterior

Members are invited to join us at the Boat Shop for
 rowing Saturday from 11am-2pm.  We hope to see you then!
Museum opening hours : 11 am- 4 pm
Please contact the shop with any questions and to sign up: 
(978) 834-0050 or info@lowellsboatshop.com



Lowell’s Boat Shop Member Benefit
Lowell’s Boat Shop members can receive 50% off on Tuesday evening sails throughout the month of August on the Schooner Ardelle in Gloucester! Sails begin at 6pm. To book your sail, please visit their website here.
When you book your ticket(s) check the box for a Member ticket ($20)

Ardelle Website Logo

978.290.7168 – info@schoonerardelle.com\


Lowell’s Boat Shop Member Benefit

In celebration of our successful collaborations on the Dory Project, the Schooner Adventure would like to extend Member pricing for their Community Sails to the Members of Lowell’s Boat Shop. List price for the tickets is $60, and Members receive a 25% discount to bring the price to $45. These sails are held Wednesday evenings from4-7 PM, Friday evenings from 5-8, and Saturday mornings from 10 AM to 1 PM, and Adventure sails from the Harriet Webster Pier at Maritime Gloucester.

This pricing is applicable to our Community Sails only, and does not include special events like the Gloucester Schooner Race.

In addition, on Wednesdays kids sail free! Each adult ticket holder may bring up to two children under 12 at no charge.

To register, LBS members can visit: www.schooner-adventure.org, and use the code ECHP17 to secure the discount. to register children for the free Wednesday tickets, members should call the Adventure office at 978-281-8079. We strongly recommend that children under 12 wear their own ‘ski vest’ style PFD.