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16′ Amesbury Skiff Plans


16'-Amesbury-Skiff-PlanDrafted by Graham McKay, these plans can guide you through the construction of a Lowell’s 16′ Amesbury Skiff or make a great piece of artwork for your study! (2 – 18″x24″ pieces)

Cheese Board and Thole Pin Cheese Spreader


Cheese-Board-and-SpreaderWooden Cheese Board with Lowell’s Boat Shop insignia branded into the top. The cheese spreader’s wooden handle is made in the shape of a traditional thole pin, fastened with hand riveted copper nails and washers. A dulled wooden blade is perfect for soft or semi-soft cheeses. Price: $45.00 Shipping and handling: $7.50

Coasters (6) with Rack

Coasters (6) with Rack Wooden Coasters with “Lowell’s Boat Shop” branded into the wood. Each coaster is made from off-cuts of lumber used in the boat building process. Comes with a wooden coaster rack to neatly store your coasters. Price: $15.00 Shipping and handling: $7.50

Dory Window Box

Inspired by our boats; mentored by our boat builders; implemented by our volunteers, the Dory Window Box is made of white cedar, mahogany, copper and bronze fastenings, and a finish of polyurethane. The interior of the Window Box is coated in water sealer. Length Overall: 43” ; Beam @ Mid-ships: 7.5”; Depth @ Mid-Ships: 11”. Price: $135.00 each; $250.00 per pair. Shipping prices vary; please contact LBS directly.

Dory Planter (Full Dory)

Made to the same specifications as our popular window boxes but a full dory. Great as a garden or porch decoration. Price: $250.00 Shipping prices vary; please contact LBS directly.