Youth Woodworking Week


When: July 16th – July 21st from 9am-12pm.

Ages: 10 and up.

Cost: $225

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Learn basic woodworking skills in a boat building workshop during this week-long camp.  Students will build a model sail boat, whose hull they will shape based on traditional boats of their choice. Students will have the chance to paint their boats, round their spars, and rig their boats for sail. On the last day of camp, the students will host a mini regatta for their families on the Merrimack River.   Students in the program will also get the opportunity to closely observe boat building practices at Lowell’s Boat Shop. Each student will be bringing home their completed model.

Youth Dory Week

When: July 16-21

Ages: 9-14

Cost: $175  

This week, we will be exploring the Merrimack River using the museum’s fleet of traditional Banks dories and our ten-oared surf dory ‘Provident’.  Water safety and rowing instruction will be given at the boat shop by museum staff. Once competently rowing the boats, we will cast off to explore local waterways. Past trips have included the Pow wow River, Maudslay State Park, Indian River and High Rock. Also, exploration of the river islands- Deer, Eagle,  Ram and Carr Islands, each having unique and interesting features. Three of these are ‘sanctuary islands’ with very limited access. We are privileged to be permitted to help maintain these islands for the native flora and fauna.

Trustees For Reservations "Great Rowing Adventure"


This session includes woodworking demos and skill building at Lowell’s Boat Shop, rowing training, and two overnight camp-outs at the Crane Estate, in addition to many other exciting and adventurous activities! For more details, please call the SummerQuest office 978.356.4351 x4052.